So, what is MCA? Motor Club of America is one-of-a-kind roadside assistance company that currently serves the United States and Canada. MCA provides unlimited, 24/7, emergency roadside assistance memberships. With over 86 years of experience, MCA knows how to get the job done. 

Unlimited Emergency Coverage Across United States & Canada
Available 24/7/365
No Annual Contract
Discounts on Lodging & Car Rentals
Discounts on Dental, Vision, & Prescriptions
Lucrative Independent Contractor Positions
BBB Rated
Plans for Truck Drivers & Regular Commuters

About Motor Club of America (MCA)

MCA was founded by Atlantic City, New Jersey native, William Green who was born in 1900. Mr. Green became the CEO of MCA (Motor Club of America) in 1926, as well as it’s former secondary company, MCA Insurance Company. Mr. Green was the Chief Executive Officer up until 1986. During his time with Motor Club of America, continue to expand his business throughout the United States of America. 

Texas native Virgil Coffee began his career at Motor Club of America during the 1960’s. Virgil Coffee is responsible for introducing the marketing plan that exploded the company’s success. During his time with the company, he was promoted to President of Motor Club of America. MCA continued to grow over the next 25+ years under his supervision. 

In the 1970’s, David Kircher became president of Motor Club of America. In 1989, Virgil Coffee began his joint ownership of MCA as the owner of TVC Marketing Associates, Incorporated. In 1996, David Kircher became MIS Director and Chief Operations Director. TVC Matrix/ TVC Marketing is the parent company of Motor Club of America (MCA). 

There are 5 solid plans for commuters and truck drivers. In September 2012 more plans were made public. 

MCA strives to be the best of all motor clubs. When it came to building one of the greatest roadside assistance clubs, we made sure that our members would be covered in every situation. We made sure to think about every driver in North America. Are you an adventurer that needs RV roadside assistance? Or are you into taking road-trips and are in need of travelers roadside assistance? No matter who you are or where you’re going, we will have your back no matter what. Here’s a list of what our roadside assistance includes and why you need it:

24 Hour Roadside Assistance Coverage  It is scary to get stuck on the side of the road in the daytime. Now, imagine having car trouble or blowing a tire in the middle of the night? Your family and friends won’t be able to get to you fast enough. What can you do? You can call us to come help you. Yes, even at 3 A.M. We will pick up the phone every time you call. 

Wrecker Towing  Is there a such thing as affordable towing? Of course! When Motor Club of America is involved, paying for a wrecker service is as easy an affordable as ever. Need a tow? Let us know and we will pay the best towing company in your area to come assist you. With our Total Security Plan, you can have your vehicle towed up to 100 miles! Auto Towing can be simple with MCA. You will never have to search for a wrecker service with great reviews ever again.

Lockout Service – Locked your keys in your car on accident? Don’t want to pay for this silly accident? You won’t have to as a member of Motor Club of America. Our auto roadside assistance membership includes unlimited lockout services. We will come unlock your car without damaging it.

Fuel Delivery – Ran out of gas on your way to somewhere? It happens to the best of us. Give us a call and we will have someone come to fill up your tank within 45 minutes.  You will never have to walk to the nearest gas station and back for gas. You deserve an emergency roadside service that doesn’t judge your situation and will help no questions asked.

Tire Change  Let’s face it. We all weren’t taught how to change a tire. One of the scariest things that can happen while driving is blowing a tire in the middle of a busy street. You will be able to call us and we will have someone come to change your tire as soon as possible. Tire changes are included in our most basic membership plan all the way to our truck roadside assistance plan.

Battery Boost Your car battery died and now you need a jump. As an adult, it sucks having to ask for help. Besides, everyone is busy living their own lives. It’s nice to be able to handle things on your own. A battery boost is one of those breakdown services that is crucial to have. As a member of MCA, there’s no need to worry about your car needing a jump. We will get it done for you and pay for it.

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