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MCA Compensation Plan

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motor club of america compensation plan

About Our Total Security Compensation Plan

Pays $80-$90 Per Membership Sold

Weekly Bonuses

Motor Club of America COMPENSATION PLAN

If you’re looking how to make money with MCA and how much you’ll get paid, then you have found the right page! We want to pay you a 200% advanced commission on our service packages. 

MCA Compensation Plan


Advanced Commissions on All Sells

So, what exactly does 200% commission mean? Customers pay their first and last installment of their preferred membership. For example, if a customer chooses the Total Security Plan then they will pay $39.10 at sign-up and $19.95 per month. As an independent contractor, you will be paid an advanced commission of $80.00. $39.10 x 2 is technically $78.20, but we rounded up. You will be paid an advanced commission as long as your customer doesn’t pay with a prepaid/reloadable card. In the event that they do, you will be paid $9.95 per month.