Providing Unlimited, Contract-Free,  Roadside Service Since 1926

Roadside Assistance


Since we have opened our doors, our mission was (and is) to provide the best quality roadside assistance service as possible to our members. Our members come first. We realize that in life, things happen! No one ever plans on getting a flat tire or locking their keys in the car but it’s best that we have a plan for when it does happen. 

When it comes to roadside assistance, there are a few companies that come to mind but none compare to Motor Club of America. Motor Club of America is a suite of valuable services that include roadside services, travel benefits and discounts, legal discounts and representation, and health services. In 1926, the Green Brothers founded a Motor Club of New Jersey. The popularity of their affordable roadside assistance motor club grew in popularity. In 1933, the Automobile Association of New Jersey was created. In 1958, the Automobile Association of New Jersey expanded nationwide and changed the name to Motor Club of America (MCA). In 1987, the company TVC Marketing Inc. was founded by Virgil Coffee. TVC Marketing originally offered roadside services for Truck Drivers and other businesses. To expand their business, they bought Motor Club of America with the plan to offer affordable, emergency roadside assistance to the general public.

Currently, we are a roadside assistance provider that handles all roadside service needs for our members all across the United States and Canada. You will never have to search “roadside assistance near me” because we are always one-phone call away. Thousands of roadside service auto clubs work directly for us and we will get them out to you ASAP no matter where you are and also foot the bill. Thousands of amazing providers make up our BBB rated program. We will check on you every step of the way to make sure you are okay and our associates to their job.  

We strive to be one of the best roadside assistance companies available. Consider us the “on demand roadside assistance” service that serves you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Why Should You Have Us On Your Side?

You should feel safe on the road at all times. You should feel safe physically and financially while driving. Without a roadside service company that you can rely on, you run the risk of being stranded on the road without any reliable help. Accidents happen, but you shouldn’t have to wait hours for your friends or family to come rescue you. If you’re like the majority of independent people, you hate asking people for favors. You should protect yourself and your family from any unforeseen situations by being prepared. Your time and your money is valuable. We understand that and will be there anytime.

Paying for every single incident that happens can get very expensive. Getting your car towed could run you upwards of $80 depending on where you are, getting your tire changed could cost at least $50, and a battery booster could cost you at least $50 as well. What if you run out of gas? You would have to first walk to your nearest gas station to get a gas can and fill it up. Gas prices fluctuate and paying for gas can get expensive as well. Paying for emergency situations regarding your car can be annoying if you don’t have extra hundreds of dollars laying around, right? What if you’re having a bad week and need roadside assistance twice? 

We are the original roadside service motor club and our unlimited memberships include: wrecker towing, battery boosts, fuel delivery, lock-out services. You will also receive travel discounts, health-related discounts, and much more with your membership. You will be covered all across the United States and Canada. 

Instead of shelling out random money for unexpected situations, why not have a membership with us and only pay $14.95 per month? You will receive unlimited roadside assistance, up to 50% off rental cars, 10% off lodging at over 400 hotel chains, up to 65% off prescription cost, and more. Our memberships are also contract free. You will not be required to pay a huge lump-sum of money today when you join. We only ask for you to pay your first and last month installment, and $14.95 for every month you want to keep your membership.